Vibrant colors weave their way across trademark rag paper as the master storyteller creates a world in which the observer becomes a participant. The viewer transfixes himself in the story, closely relating to elements both obvious and subtle in each painting.  Frank Kelley, Jr's., paintings interpret real stories motivated by true-life situations.   He draws upon his deep rooted morals, spirituality, love for art and zest for life to express himself in a variety of creative, artistic styles.  Born and raised in North  Central Louisiana, Frank is the son of well educated, loving parents who offered him exposure to many of life's opportunities.  A wholesome, pure, secure, and lively feeling is related through the use of white paint as a dominant factor and consistent theme in each Frank Kelley, Jr., painting; another Frank Kelley, Jr., trademark.


· One Man Show, Charles Wright African American Museum

  Detroit, MI August – December, 2010
· Featured along with six other artists at the Crossroads exhibit in     
  Shreveport, LA at Meadows Museum
· Featured along with twenty-five other artists at the Color Purple exhibit
  in conjunction with
· The Color Purple Play in Los Angeles, CA
· Featured in The News Star Newspaper, June 29, 2008.
· Featured in Delta Style Magazine,
· Formed a non-profit Educational Arts Initiative Program, 2007
· Featured in The News Star Newspaper, April 17, 2005,

  "Passion to Paint".
· Featured in Decor Magazine, December 19, 2005,

  " The Art in the beauty of Life".
· Listed in The American Artist Blue Book, 2005.
· Created Youth Arts Initiative Program, 2001
· Featured in Art & Antiques Magazine, November 2000,

  "Emerging Artist". Frank Kelley, Jr. was chosen
   out of numerous artists as an emerging artist to appear

   in Art & Antiques magazine with over 195,000
   viewers and is now a professional artist.

Frank Kelley, Jr. produces 20 to 25 pieces each year, and his work has been exhibited across the nation, including New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Tennessee.


FKJ Art Gallery-West Monroe, Louisiana

Thelma Harris Master Art Gallery-Oakland, California

D'Hopkins Denniston Art Gallery-Erie, Pennsylvania


Laurie Sosa~ Agent-Atlanta, Georgia

Letitia Owens~Marketing Strategist

Elise Krentzel ~ Public Relations/Austin, Texas